Music is My Escape

Music speaks without words. It is a universal language of the world. It can say so much more than words, just like art. Music tugs at your heart. It brings people together. It is part of history. Everything makes its own kind of music. Music is everywhere. Music is life.


Bad Day

On a day of good things, I still feel terrible; locked away. I am lonely. I feel sad and guilty and angry with myself.

Color Paradox

You might have heard of this before and it is very interesting. The theory is, what if someone sees a color, let's say green, as a different color, say blue, but to them it is still called green. One person doesn't know what the other is seeing so there is no way to know.

An Odd Thought

A lot of people talk about how the world will end, and when it will end. In response to this, so many people say, “Oh, but it will be a long time from now, we’ll probably be dead.” But I just thought, so many people say this; are they all jinxing us? 

DEBATE: Is Water Wet?

I know this is kind of old, but it's great. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT YOUR OPINION! 😸 I say water is wet, but I can easily see both sides of this debate. If water isn't wet, it is dry. There is no in between. It must be wet though, because two dry items don't... Continue Reading →

Warrior Cats Fans

I made this role play website but no one has seen it yet. Please join if you love warrior cats by Erin Hunter, it is going to be AWESOME! Click below: WebClan if I get enough people, I’ll buy a domain.

Books of the Week

KIDS IN THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: The Enemy by Charlie Higson A FAVORITE BOOK: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak AMAZING: Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper HISTORICALLY DEEP: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

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